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Climate Change Game Night

Jenkinson's Aquarium

Jan. 12, 2022,

6:00 PM- 7:30 PM

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Teach at the Beach 2022

May 13, 2022.


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A terrific day at Horseshoe cove!

     NJMEA members and guests joined hosts New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium and Jenkinson's Aquarium on Saturday, October 2 at Sandy Hook for a little bit of fun and learning under the sun at the beach!  Participants learned about coastal salt marshes through engaging hands-on activities that examined species diversity, nutrient availability and environmental conditions.  They donned waders and seined the bay, collected plankton to identify microfauna, and used an "old school" Hach kit to determine water quality.  One of the really great aspects of the day was the interaction and camaraderie among participants, most of whom were meeting for the first time.  Teachers shared their stories and challenges, and hopefully learned new ways to move forward in today's demanding educational landscape.  

     To help teacher-parents with child care, NJMEA instituted a children's program that coincided with the adult program to keep the young ones engaged.  Children participated in a scavenger hunt and created sand art with the resources found at the beach.  This is just one of the ways the NJMEA seeks to meet the needs of its members!

     Many thanks to our Board members Clare from MAST, Kim from Red Bank Catholic High School, Jen from Jenkinson's Aquarium, and Diana from New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium for volunteering their time and expertise to bring the workshop to NJMEA's members!  

     Do you have an idea for a workshop?  Do you have a skill that you'd like to share?  Are you thinking of just getting more involved?  Then join the Board of Directors on Wednesday, October 27 at 5:30 p.m. for the Fall Quarterly Meeting -- all are welcome!  Contact Jennifer Lengares-Meyer, President for more information.

New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium presents:

Virtual Ocean Fun Days

Oct 1 Oct 31

Don't miss out on the opportunity for fun, resources, videos, and contests.

Teach at the Beach 2020

 Marine Education in a Virtual World

October 21 and 22, 2020

     Teach at the Beach 2020, NJMEA's first virtual conference was a challenge, but now, has become an integral part of NJMEA's history.  It was a most successful and remarkable endeavor.

     Special and sincere thanks go out to Dr. John Cassano (University of Colorado) and Jasmin Graham (Mote Marine Laboratory and MISS) for their keynote addresses.  Dr. Cassano presented an unforgettable log about significant scientific research with MOSAiC and a memorable reentry into a COVID-19 world after three chilling and sunless months in the Arctic.  Ms. Graham introduced a needed and welcome conversation on the needs of the underrepresented in STEM education and professions.   We could not have had these two speakers if we conducted our conference in-person at the sandy shores of the Jersey coast.

     Thanks also go out to Murray Rosenburg, Linda Gaffney, Judy Burr, David Grant, and Clare Ng for the valuable resources and insights they gave in regard to teaching virtually, as well as in the field, about wetlands, climate change, and educational philosophy and techniques.

     Resources provided at this conference will be available to participants and NJMEA members.

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